Gingerbread Houses

Merry Christmas! Right now I am sat with the tree lights on blogging while lunch is cooked. I just made the bread sauce and it smells amazing.

Today's blog post is about gingerbread houses. I really love gingerbread houses. They look cool and they are extremely festive. This year my sister and I took on the challenge and made one from scratch.

As you can expect, not everything went to plan. The recipe we used was Mary Berry's and it was not very good. It was very dry and super hard to roll out. I would probably use a better recipe next time. We used this recipe, however I would not recommend it.

We tried to build the whole structure within the space of minutes. As you can expect, the whole thing collapsed. We then built the foundations, left it for a day and then came back to put the roof on. After the roof had been left for a while, we decorated it.

We have decided to make this a tradition. Come back in 5 years and there may be a perfect (or almost perfect) gingerbread house on the blog.


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