2015 is nearly over which means that it is time for my annual reflect. This is the second one I have ever done so technically it is only now beginning to become annual.

This year has been amazing. I got to travel to San Francisco AND Venice, I turned 13 and I got to do some really cool things and eat some really good food.

In February I got to take part in round two of the cooking competition I was taking part in. I represented my school and it was very scary. I did end up leaving the competition however the experience was amazing and I had a lot of fun. And because I had won the one at my school, leaving wasn't as bad as it could have been.

In March I did my first cello exam. It went very well and I ended up getting a distinction.

In April we went to Venice and it was amazing. I had always wanted to go there and it was so fun. We stayed in a nice little apartment and spent our time eating gelato, taking pictures and walking around little alleyways.

In May I went to Paris with school. It had always been my dream to go to Venice and Paris and I ended up going to them both in the space of two months. I can't wait to go back to Paris with my family at some point, because I am 100% sure the experience will be very different since my first time there was with 39 other students and my language teachers.

In July I did my 3rd piano exam which also went very well. I got a Merit.

In July we also flew to San Francisco for 2 weeks. I got to eat some amazing food, make a pineapple out of glass tubes and spend a lot of time with my friends. It was a great holiday.

In August I turned 13 and my friend turned 13 2 days later. We had a joint birthday party and had some great cake. I was also very glad I was finally a teenager because everyone in my year had been for ages.

In September I started Year 9. Technically I had been in Year 9 for half a term before the summer but that is just a confusing story so I wont explain it. This meant more homework, more tests and a ton of talk about options.

In November I went for a weekend away in Devon for my mum's birthday. We spent our time in a cabin and I got a lot of pictures of the rainy coast. We had some nice food, played silly games and relaxed. I then got home and had a panic filled German revision session. Millie Cooks also turned 2 in November which is an achievement since I honestly didn't believe I would last that long.

In December I baked more, cooked more and got really excited about Christmas. That happens every year, so it wasn't that special.

Here are some of my favourite Instagrams:

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

See you next year!

Millie xxx


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