Tahini Cupcakes with Chocolate Tahini Frosting

The kitchen is messy and I have chocolate icing on my nails (which are finally growing and looking nice) and there are some tahini chocolate cupcakes in the kitchen so life is good.

I just got back from a two week holiday in San Francisco (blogpost coming soon). This meant that we did not cook or bake anything because the food there is so good. I was really missing baking so I baked something.

These are the Tahini Cupcakes with Chocolate Tahini icing from My Name is Yeh, which is a blog by Molly Yeh. If you have never seen this blog then stop everything that you are doing and go and check it out because it is one of the best food blogs I have ever seen. Her photographs are really beautiful to look at and the recipes are different but interesting. Her cakes are also incredible.

The mixture was a little runny after the water was added and my mum and I were not sure how they would turn out however they were awesome and not too dry, wet or dense. So even if the mixture looks a little wet and runny they will turn out great.

We did not have any bicarb of soda so we looked it up on the internet (which really is a wonderful thing) and found that if you want to substitute it add two times the amount in baking powder. We did that and were a bit worried that it would taste funny but it totally didn't so we were lucky.

These cupcakes are so nice. The actual cupcake is slightly salty because of the tahini, but it goes perfectly with the sweet icing. I did not add all of the sugar in the recipe because we do not like overly sweet things but the icing was still perfect and sweet.

Go check out Molly Yeh's blog for the recipe. And check it our because it is really cool and awesome and definitely worth looking at. Trust me.

Link: Tahini Cupcakes with Chocolate Tahini Frosting


Millie xx


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