Chocolate and Popcorn cookies.

Hallo. I am back with another post. This time it actually includes food. Hooray!

Everybody has a recipe that they make again and again. Mine is my chocolate chip cookie one. It has been mentioned before.

It was sisters day yesterday (in our family). In America the date was 5/15 which looks like sis. Anyway my sister and I decided we would make the chocolate chip cookies again because we love them. We didn't have any chocolate chips so we made chocolate ones instead by substituting 40g of flour for cocoa powder. In addition to that we added popcorn. Yes. Popcorn.

We popped the popcorn ahead like usual and then mixed it through the cookie batter. We crossed our fingers, hoping the popcorn pieces wouldn't burn and waited. They came out and looked amazing. We ate them. They tasted amazing.

I think this is a really cool but interesting take on a chocolate cookie. I would definitely recommend making them. AHHH.

Here is a link to the cookie recipe:

The recipe is quite old which is why the pictures are bad. The measurements are the same though.

To make them pop about 50-80g of popcorn in vegetable oil. Make the cookie dough as usual. Fold through the popcorn. Bake as usual. Done.

M xx


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