Hello! Today's post wont really be about food. It is instead going to be about Venice. I literately just got back yesterday(when I wrote that sentance it was true. Now it is not....) . We had 4 and a half days there.

We arrived at the airport on Tuesday at about midday. We took a water taxi (which was AWESOME) into the city, and got off just after the Rialto. We had an apartment that was really close by.

The first day we walked a lot. 14 km. We went down to St. Marco and then along and back through the streets to the apartment.

The next day we went back to St. Marco. This time we actually went into the Basilica San Marco, which was slightly boring... We then went around walking around in Castello. We also went to San Polo, a Campo nearby. I had strawberry juice which was odd, but really good.

The day after that we went to the Peggy Guggenheim collection and some church that was nearby. I forgot the name of it.

We also got to go to Burano, an different island located near by. We took the water bus there and back. Burano is known for it's colourful buildings and lace. I was in photo heaven.

For breakfast, my dad and sister would go out to a local bakery and get some baked goods. They were very good, and fresh. Here is a picture I took of one of my breakfasts. We had blood orange juice to drink with it.

We had multiple dinners which were amazing. One of them was in the place two doors down from where we were staying. I had an amazing lasagne, no kidding. I was pretty full, but had a really good tiramisu after it, however I couldn't finish it :)  .

We ate a whole lot of gelato while we were there. Like daily. It was good. Some were better than others, but it was good.

This blog post is very random and odd. I think I missed some of the things we did. I am going to post it anyway because we arrived back on the 5th of April which was agessssss ago.

Millie xx


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