I just spent so long looking for a recipe for Mini Bundt cakes that makes 4. Guess what. I couldn't find any. Why. Why do this to me..

Anyway today I am not here to give you recipes of bundt cakes (though there will be one soon). I am here to give you my pesto recipe. This was requested and I wanted to put it up anyway.

I like pesto. No actually I love pesto. Pesto pasta, pesto on pizza, the list could go on and on. Let's just stop it there though.

This recipe is based on Sam Sterns. I say based because I never measure anymore. I just dump it in.

The other day I accidentally used Pecorino Romano and surprisingly it worked. So you can use that instead. Or both.


Basil (duh)

Olive Oil

Parmesan OR Pecorino Romano

A Garlic Clove

Right. This is the part where you can run free. 50g of basil makes enough for 2-3, 75 for 3 and 100 for 4. This is my opinion and you may want to try a few times.

First blitz the basil and the oil together. Then add the garlic and blitz again. The amount of oil you add depends on the consistency you want.

Grate your cheese and add that to the pesto. Grate more cheese if you want a cheesier taste.


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