So you remember when I entered in February? No? If not check out this blog post. I entered a cooking competition within my school and cooked a 3 course meal. It was fun and a good experience but because I was quite new too cooking the meal was not the best.

My school then hosted another one this November and I entered again because, why not? There were the same judges (with one more) and the same policy except it was 2 courses not 3 courses.

For the second Competition I made:

Citrus Spiced Salmon with Turmeric and Cumin potatoes and a Fattoush salad

Little Lemon Puddings with cream and berries

So far I have only put the first recipe up and need to put up the pudding.

They were judged as normal and the scores were added up, They then announced 3rd, 2nd, and finally 1st. As each one went past I knew I wasn't going to win. Then I did. One could say I looked a little surprised. Ok maybe very surprised!

I had a few mini crises along the way. First I forgot to put the lemon juice in the lemon pudding. Of course I realised when they were done cooking...   That was fixed with a lemon syrup poured over. Tasted the same in my opinion. I then undercooked the potatoes a little. They were still edible though. I was checking my salmon and I noticed Steven Terry was behind me. He told me the salmon was done perfectly. So I didn't put it in. Lucky he saw though because I was about to put it back in the oven. That wouldn't have been good!


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