New Zealand: the food....

I was gone for a long time. Not because I am bad at posting(although I kind of am...), but because I went to New Zealand! The food there was great.

We stayed in Auckland at the beginning. We went to see my mums best friend. She lives in Auckland.

On our first day there we went for a walk and got used to being really jet lagged. We went to a cafe called Atomic. They do really good coffee and were located close to the house we were staying in. I had a nice hot chocolate!

On our second evening my dad gave me a type of fruit to try. It was called a Fejoia. I love them. They are soooooo good!

We went to Raglan as our first place. When we arrived we went straight to lunch. We ate in a place called 'The Shack' . I had an AMAZING fried egg (that sounds stupid but trust me). I also had some chips with aioli. Aioli is garlic mayo. I love garlic so obviously I loved the aioli.

We had dinner that night in a restaurant called 'Orca' . It was really nice. I had this tart with onions and feta. It was lovely.

The next day we went to Waitomo Glowworm caves and had a Kiwi burger. It was simple. For dinner we had some good bad fish and chips.

On the last day in Raglan we had fish and chips for lunch. We had meant to have that shops fish and chips for dinner but they were closed. They were sooooo much better. We also had some... mussels!!! They were in a chilli sauce and boy, they were good!

For dinner that night we wanted something simple. We had been eating big meals for a while, and so we wanted something light. We went and had Cambodian. It was really nice and I got Pad Thai so thumbs up for that.

In Lake Taupo we ate food which Sam had prepared in Auckland. It was very nice and I got to make some nice salads.

In Corromandel we had omelettes for the first night. On the second night we went to a place called 'Luke's Kitchen'. It was really good food and had a nice atmosphere. I had a nice pizza which was called 'Little Hippie'. It was a vegetarian pizza. Mama, Daddy, and Lottie had mussels.

On our last night in Auckland we went out for dinner at a pizza restaurant. I had another vegetable pizza. Instead of giving paper to draw on to the kids, they gave you dough and a rolling pin. You rolled the dough out, and then they cooked it and made it bread. We then got to eat it after the pizza with some chocolate sauce. It was a great idea. The food in the restaurant was really yummy.

New Zealand had great food. It was a great holiday. We all really had fun.



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