I usually make mistakes when I cook. Once, when I was making lemon cookies I put the baking powder with the icing sugar. Luckily I noticed, so I put it in the mix as well. The icing sugar was going to coat the lemon cookie to make it less sticky so that was ok.

Yesterday I made some ginger biscuits and the recipe said to press it down with a mug. I totally forgot so I ended up with small lumps of biscuit.!

Once when I made apple cake I accidentally put too much flour so the cake was really dry! Oops! :)

I can not melt chocolate! When I tried I over did it, and it did NOT work!


  1. You're in good company. The other week I baked a loaf of bread with dried yeast that was past its use by date. It looked more like a biscuit!

    I wouldn't worry about your mistakes. You'll learn from them and be a better cook.


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