Saturday, 15 October 2016

Rainbow Cake

Hello! I'm back. Sorry I've been gone for a few weeks - I went to London at the end of the summer holidays, then I got ill and then I went back to school and have been busy since then which means that I have been spending my time doing my homework instead of baking.

I've wanted to make a rainbow cake for the longest time and this summer I finally made one. I took hours and I had to do the washing up at least 4 times but it was pretty successful (and very tasty!)

I used a recipe I found online and then used a different recipe for the buttercream icing. Cake Recipe and Icing Recipe.

Tip: Crumb coat the entire cake so you don't get crumbs in the icing. I did crumb coat the cake but I obviously didn't cover it enough because I ended up with crumbs in the icing.

Tip 2: Don't try and cut the caramelization from the sides of the cake because your cake will end up lopsided and hexagon shaped (not round). And try and make the cake straight on top because as you can see from the photos, mine wasn't.

To decorate the sides of the cake I made an assortment of fondant flowers in the colours I used for the cakes. You can find the recipe I made in one of my previous blog posts (here).

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


This year my family and I went to London for a long weekend at the end of August for our holiday. We were there for 4 whole days (one of them was my birthday!) and we did loads of things.

I wrote down some of the places that we ate in my notes on my phone however by the end of the four days I kept forgetting. 

We went to the British Museum, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, and the Tate, just to name a few places. 

When we first arrived it was so hot and we went on the tube to when we were staying. It was so busy because we were on a line which goes through Kings Cross and it was 5pm on a Thursday. Once we got of the tube we stopped in a little cafe called Stop Fix and got donuts which were incredible. I didn't take a photo because we were walking and I ate it straight away.

We went out for dinner on the Thursday in a nearby Pho restuarant called Song Que. You can't get Pho in Wales so when we go to big cities we usually make it our mission to eat some Pho.

Later on in the day we stopped and had gelato in a gelato shop called Snowflake. I had coffee gelato and it was very good.

The next day (Friday) we went and had breakfast in a local cafe called Towpath which was located on the canal. I had some granola and apple juice and it was delicious.

We then went into central London to go shopping. We stopped in a cafe called Curator Coffee Gallery and had lunch. I had a bowl of different salads and it was really tasty. 

On the Sunday we went to a bakery called Lily Vanilli which is located right next to Columbia Road Flower Market. I had a latte and a lemon tart. We then later on went to a different bakery which was on the other side of the street. I'm not sure what it's called so if you want to get a cinnamon bun go to a bakery which is on the street which the Flower Market is located on.

We did eat more than what I just mentioned but I've forgotten what and where because 1. it has been over a month and 2. I never wrote the name of the places down.